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About Tradesafe

Transaction risk significantly increases when parties are unfamiliar with each other or live at separate locations. The trust question pops up as to who should act first.

Should the buyer deposit the funds and then hope that they will receive what they paid for? Or should the seller deliver the goods or services first, and then pray that they will receive payment in full? Either way, transaction risk exists.

The TradeSafe platform was built on a robust escrow methodology that protects all parties in a deal. If the buyer does not have the funds, the seller will not commence delivery. If the seller misrepresents what they are offering, the buyer will be refunded. TradeSafe guarantees payment in full to sellers within 24 hours of delivery‚Ķno more unpaid invoices thank you very much. 

TradeSafe attracts honest buyers and sellers who genuinely want to do business with each other in a secure trading environment.  

TradeSafe BEATS the risk!